Norfolk’s Oak Supplier & Sawmill

Primarily, we are an oak supplier and hardwood sawmill based in Norfolk, offering a range of sawn sections and deckings, either cut to order or pre-cut and air dried. Our offices are based near the North Norfolk Coast coast in Dersingham, whilst we carry out our milling on a historic Norfolk estate in the open countryside of West Acre.

We can provide pre-stripped decking and hand stripped poles, dependent upon your needs. Typically we work with oak, but we also mill other hardwood timbers. With multiple decades of timber handling experience, we are always open to working with other timber when required. As a highly eco-conscious company, all of our timber is UK sourced and graded FSC or equivalent.

Environmental Responsibility

At Quercast Sawmilling, we are highly eco conscious – without being so, we wouldn’t have a business. All of the timber we use is locally sourced and FSC certified or equivalent, and we endeavour to use all of our by-products whilst minimising our impact upon the environment. Any suitable rips will be re-sawn whilst unusable material is chipped up for biomass boilers. All sawdust is bagged on site and recycled for animal bedding, mulch, and other specialist uses. Both offcuts for firewood and sawdust can be bought by our customers. Much of our stock is from over-stood coppices in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, and we are proud to be responsible for putting nearly 4 acres of neglected coppice back into the coppicing cycle. We strip a lot of sweet chestnut by hand to make rustic poles before chipping the stripped bark and using it as a fall surface in play areas.

Increasingly we have found that many of our clients are turning away from treated softwood which has proved to be low quality and non-durable, especially with tightening environmental restrictions on the use of timber treatments. Instead they favour oak and other traditional English hardwoods for their increased durability which heavily offsets the slight initial increase in cost. Even for outdoor structures, such as fencing and gateposts, untreated hardwood is now becoming the obvious choice over treated softwoods. We do not treat any of our sawn hardwood, but we can enhance durability by employing various methods including stripping, and wrapping and burning. We can also offer advice on these methods and how to extend the life of the timber we supply.

Company History

Our founder, Russell Bowlby has over forty years of experience working with timber. After several decades of high end renovation, restoring listed building across the UK, he opened Flights of Fantasy, a bespoke play equipment company that begun after he built a playhouse for his children which you can see pictured. Due to demand for bespoke timber structures in natural settings, he later opened The Wild Deck Company which builds everything from boardwalks and bird hides to bridges and one-off creations. At The Wild Deck Company, we believe in the use of highly durable, untreated timbers, giving us a constant need for high quality, sawn hardwood, particularly in the form of decking for our boardwalks and viewing areas. Rather than relying upon other suppliers, we now saw all timber ourselves, as well as offering hardwood timber supply to others, signalling the birth of Quercast Sawmilling.

Find out more about the different sawmill services we offer including sawn timbers, decking, hand stripped poles and posts, sawdust and chipping supply, air dried timber, and a mobile sawmill service.