Sawn Oak Specialists

As a primary function, we are a specialist oak sawmill, capable of cutting up whole tree trunks into almost any thickness that you could need. At the smaller end of our cutting capabilities, we regularly cut 100mm featheredged board, 5mm at the thin side and 15mm at the thick side, however we can handle extremely large cuts as listed below:

  • Cut Length: Up to 6.1m in standard form
  • Max Cut Size: Up to 254mm x 254mm (10” x 10”)
  • Max Double Cut Size: Up to 254mm x 508mm (10” x 20”)

Typically we cut oak, but we can also cut other hardwoods. Find out more about our UK-grown oak supply here.

UK Delivery

We can arrange delivery across the UK or you can pick up timber from our sawmill in Norfolk where we will help you to load it.

Stripped & Sawn Sweet Chestnut

Sweet chestnut is a durable timber, meaning that it has a life expectancy of 15-25 years in outdoor environments without treatment. We are proud to be responsible for putting nearly four acres of neglected coppice back into the coppicing cycle, sourcing sweet chestnut from over-stood coppices in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. We use sweet chestnut for many of our structures and can supply the following:

  • Hand Stripped Sweet Chestnut Lengths: Rustic, these are ideal for use in outdoor play areas, outdoor furniture, gates, and fences.
  • Sweet Chestnut Decking: Durable and hardwearing.

Mobile Sawmill Service

In addition to milling at our sawmill in Norfolk, we also have a portable sawmill, meaning that we are able to offer a mobile sawmill service. If you have a large quantity of timber that you would like us to mill for you, we are able to send a team of trained sawmill operators to your site where they will create high quality, sawn timber from your wood supplies.

Wooden Decking

Quercast was born from a need for a reliable source of high quality oak decking. We can provide non-slip hardwood decking, cut to order. Find out more about our oak decking supply.

Air Dried Timber

We hold a stock of pre-cut, air-dried timber, including Beech. Air drying generally produces a higher quality, more easily workable wood than undried wood, and is considered preferable to kiln dried wood.


As part of our commitment to the environment, we endeavour to use as much of a tree as we can, reusing wastage. We recut all usable timber, but when we have offcuts that are too small to be sawn, we offer them as firewood.


An inevitable by-product from cutting a lot of timber is sawdust and shavings. We bag these and offer them for use as animal bedding, mulch, and any other specialist uses.

Stripped Poles

We hold stocks of larch and sweet chestnut which we can supply, hand stripped by drawknife. These timbers have a beautifully rustic appearance, making them very useful for use in natural fences and rustic play apparatus.

Bark Chippings

As a by product of our hand stripped larch and sweet chestnut poles, we can provide hardwood chippings. We use a special machine that chips the hardwood strips into short lengths and they are particularly useful for outdoor fall surfaces, as used in play areas.

No matter what timber services you are looking for, we are here to meet your needs. If you haven’t found what you are looking for on this page, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to see if we can accommodate your requirements.