Norfolk’s Oak Specialists

Oak supply and sawmilling is our speciality and it is what we focus on. We are one of the only oak sawmills in Norfolk, capable of supplying oak and other hardwood cut to your requirements, as well as offering pre-cut stock. Although based in Norfolk, we can deliver oak and other timber across the UK.

Find out more about the UK-grown oak we can supply.


Our Sawmill is capable of cutting up whole tree trunks into almost any thickness that you could need. At the smaller end of our cutting capabilities, we regularly cut 100mm featheredged board, 5mm at the thin side and 15mm at the thick side, however we can handle extremely large cuts as listed below:

  • Cut Length: Up to 6.1m in standard form
  • Max Cut Size: Up to 254mm x 254mm (10” x 10”)
  • Max Double Cut Size: Up to 254mm x 508mm (10” x 20”)

On-Site & Off-Site Sawmilling

We saw timber at our sawmill site in Norfolk, cutting oak and other hardwoods to your requirements, no matter whether you need large or small cuts. If you have a large quantity of timber to cut at your site, we also have a portable sawmill, meaning that we can provide a mobile sawmill service equipped with a team of sawmill professionals.

Find out more about the different sawmill services we offer including sawn timbers, decking, hand stripped poles and posts, sawdust and chipping supply, air dried timber, and a mobile sawmill service.